Huawei Selects Cypress's TrueTouch Touchscreen Controller For Next-Generation MediaPad X2 Tablet

Solution Enables Easy-Wake Gesture Functionality, Gloved Finger Tracking, Waterproofing And Thin Touchscreen Module

SAN JOSE, CA -- Cypress Semiconductor Corp. announces that Huawei, a leading global information and communications technology solutions provider, has selected Cypress's TrueTouch® capacitive touchscreen solution for its next-generation MediaPad X2 tablet PC. The MediaPad X2 utilizes the TrueTouch TMA568 controller's industry-leading gloved finger tracking, robust water tolerance and easy-wake gestures for its sleek 7-inch touchscreen display. Users can make calls, surf the web, play games, take pictures and use other key features even if they are wearing thick gloves or the screen is wet. In addition, the easy-wake gestures feature enables users to perform a double-tap gesture to quickly activate the device from sleep mode.

The MediaPad X2 is the industry's thinnest tablet with a 7-inch display at just 7.18 mm thick, enabled in part by the TrueTouch solution's capability to support ultra-thin stackup layers in the touchscreen. The MediaPad X2's high-resolution display delivers a crisp and dynamic visual experience, along with a flawless response to touch commands. TrueTouch enables best-in-class tracking of fingers in gloves of various materials and thicknesses, and automatically switches between glove and finger tracking without requiring the user to switch settings. TrueTouch employs the industry's highest tolerance to water and immunity to electronic noise from aftermarket chargers and displays, enabling accurate touch input for the MediaPad X2 in environments where competing solutions experience false and missed touches.

"We are pleased to follow up the selection of our TrueTouch solution for the MediaPad X1 with this win for Huawei's impressive MediaPad X2," said Joe Montalbo, vice president of the TrueTouch Business Unit at Cypress. "This design win is one of many with Huawei, and underscores our ability to provide industry-leading touchscreen features and reliability that enable our customers to differentiate their products."

TrueTouch features Cypress's patented DualSense™ technology that executes both self-capacitance and mutual-capacitance measurements in the same device. The result is the industry's best water rejection and wet finger tracking for seamless performance in real-world conditions, including the presence of rain, condensation or sweat. Additionally, DualSense technology delivers immunity to charger noise of up to 35V peak-to-peak (Vpp) from 1-500 kHz, with a 0.5-mm cover lens and a 9-mm-wide finger.

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