Huawei & Aurora Multimedia Introduce World's First 10G PoE Solution

AMSTERDAM --- Huawei announces the world's first network switch to allow the IPX transceiver by Aurora Multimedia Corporation to receive Power over Ethernet (PoE) directly from the 10G network switch at ISE 2017. The switch will enable 10G speed and PoE function to be carried by the same data cables, a much needed solution for the AV industry. Huawei is a partner with Aurora in their IPBaseT® technology, which debuted over two years ago with the IPX Series, 10G with zero compression/zero latency and 4K streaming boxes and wall plates.

Huawei is releasing its 24-port S6720-32C-PWH-SI and its 48-port S6720-52X-PWH-SI 10G PoE/PoE+/PoE++ switches in the second quarter of 2017. With Aurora's technology, the products will exhibit the effectiveness of 10G PoE in real-world applications and usher in a new era of 10G products.

The S6720 series switches include:
•24*10G or 48*10G PoE Ports and 4*10G SFP+ Ports
•Pluggable Redundant Power Supplies
•Up to 320G Stack Bandwidth
•60 W PoE++, long-distance power supply and Fast PoE
•Multi Speed Support

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