Honeywell Offers Remote Monitoring for Pulp and Paper Industry

Honeywell announced a new service that will help pulp and paper companies reduce maintenance costs while keeping their quality-control equipment running smoothly: Honeywell Quality Control System (QCS) Remote Monitoring. Designed to support Honeywell DaVinci and MXOpen systems, QCS Remote Monitoring allows Honeywell technicians to securely monitor their customers' scanner equipment and diagnose problems from afar, saving maintenance expenses and reducing downtime.

QCS Remote Monitoring is a scalable service that includes the support of trained service personnel, implementation of system monitoring tools, and system health performance reports. Its capabilities range from continuously monitoring process data to pulling trend information and providing recommendations. It also enables Honeywell technicians to access a QCS system from miles away to help solve problems. System users are authenticated through a log-in procedure, and the network is guarded by a firewall encryption infrastructure to protect customer and Honeywell information from hackers.

Through a secure virtual private network connection, the solution continuously and proactively monitors system performance, and based on predetermined standards set by the customer and Honeywell, detects problems and notifies the right people. This notification allows technicians to respond as fast as possible, saving customers' time and money. Honeywell technicians don't need to be logged onto the system to receive alerts—QCS Remote Monitoring can send alerts via pager, email, or text messaging.

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