Honeywell enables precise steering and acceleration FOR Toroidion electric supercar

MINNEAPOLIS, MN – When a first-of-its-kind electric supercar that can reach speeds up to 280 mph hits the road for the first time, Honeywell sensors will be the technology keeping its drivers safe and in control.

Finland-based Toroidion Oy has chosen Honeywell smart position sensors for the electric concept 1MW supercar. The sensors – which are normally used in applications such as heavy duty machinery applications for their precision – will provide precise steering wheel and accelerator pedal response. These are critical functions that can help drivers maintain control of the electric powertrain car, which features 1 megawatt of electrical power and an equivalent of 1,341 horsepower.

“This type of speed requires an extremely sensitive steering for a comfortable experience and maximum safety at extremely high speed,” said Pasi Pennanen, Toroidion Oy chief executive officer. “The accelerator pedal must respond very reliably, so that the driver can sensitively accelerate the vehicle at maximum power. Honeywell technology is proven to provide this type of accuracy in challenging and dangerous conditions – that is the type of performance a supercar needs as well.”

The selected sensors (SPS-L035-LATS linear sensor and SPS-R360D rotary sensor) are among the industry’s most adaptable and lightest position sensors. Honeywell uses a patented arrangement of magneto resistive sensors to accurately and reliably determine the position of a magnet on a rotating or linearly moving object. An integrated circuit (ASIC) precisely calculates and verifies the absolute angle of rotation or the position. With this design, the position of moving parts can be captured in high precision of 0.01° or 0.04 mm. In addition, this simple, non-contact design ensures maximum safety, because it eliminates mechanical parts and is free of ware.

“Toroidion Oy needed sensor technologies that could easily integrate with its car concept to enhance steering and acceleration precision,” said James McKenna, EMEA product director for electronic sensing of Honeywell Sensing & Productivity Solutions. “The linear sensor at the speed pedal and the rotary sensor at the steering wheel will give the driver maximum control, safety and fun when driving this new class of electrical supercar.”

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