Honeywell Awards $80 Million Contract to GE Sensing

BILLERICA, MA /BUSINESS WIRE/ -- GE Sensing & Inspection Technologies announces a 25-year pressure sensor contract with Honeywell, which includes production, aftermarket, and spares. The contract is the largest aerospace deal in the history of GE Sensing & Inspection Technologies and is expected to generate $80 million over the life of the program.

"We are pleased to work with Honeywell on this project," said Tim Povall, General Manager of Measurement Solutions at GE Sensing & Inspection Technologies. "Our continued focus on designing and producing customized aerospace sensors that meet all qualification requirements allowed us to meet the complete needs of Honeywell for this program."

GE will provide pressure sensors for the Airbus A350XWB's air management and conditioning system, supplied by Honeywell. Honeywell will use the pressure sensors to help control and monitor the aircraft's Extended Air System Perimeter (EASP). The EASP consists of the aircraft Bleed Air System, Air Conditioning System, Ventilation Control System, and Supplemental Cooling System.

About GE Sensing & Inspection Technologies
GE Sensing & Inspection Technologies is Healthcare for Infrastructure. The business is part of GE Enterprise Solutions, an $11.6 billion entity helping customers compete and win in a changing global environment by combining the power of GE's unique expertise and intelligent technology to drive customers' productivity and profitability. GE Sensing & Inspection Technologies is a leading innovator in advanced measurement, sensor-based, and inspection solutions that deliver accuracy, productivity, and safety to its customers. The company designs and manufactures sensing instruments that measure temperature, pressure, moisture, gas, and flow rate for demanding customer applications. It also designs, manufactures, and services inspection equipment, including radiographic, ultrasonic, remote visual, and eddy current technologies, that monitors and tests materials without disassembling, deforming, or damaging them. GE Sensing & Inspection's products are used in a wide range of industries, including oil and gas, power generation, aerospace, transportation, and healthcare. The company has 4600 employees at more than 40 facilities in 25 countries worldwide.

About GE Enterprise Solutions
GE Enterprise Solutions elevates customers' productivity and profitability with integrated solutions, using sensors and nondestructive testing; security and life safety technologies; power system protection and control; and plant automation and embedded computing systems. Enterprise Solutions' high-tech, high-growth businesses include Sensing & Inspection Technologies, Security, Digital Energy, and GE Fanuc Intelligent Platforms. The business has 17,000 problem-solving employees in more than 60 countries around the world.

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