Home Entertainment Tops IoT Security Fears List

A recent survey of security experts found that their main perceived threats had to do with security relating to connected cars, home entertainment systems and wearables.

Meanwhile, other recent studies indicate that consumers are much more concerned about the costs of smart things and privacy issues that may arise.

At a recent conference in London, security company Lastline surveyed IT professionals about the categories within IoT that they are most concerned about from a security standpoint.

Although smart home entertainment systems were named as the top concern by more than a third (37 percent) of respondents, there was no clear area that drives significantly more attention than any other.

Here is the breakdown of where security professionals see the most potential threats in IoT:

37 percent, Home entertainment systems
34 percent, Health Care/health-monitoring devices
32 percent, Connected cars
29 percent, Wearables
28 percent, Smart home devices
18 percent, Toys

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