Holographic Display Market to Reach 1.82 Billion USD by 2021

HYDERABAD, India and MINNEAPOLIS, MN -- The Report "Holographic Display Market: By Technology (Reflection, Transmission, Hybrid, Others), By Type (Laser, Semi-transparent and Others), By End-Users (Medical, Art & Museum, Defense & Aerospace, Industrial, Commercial and Others); By Geography- Forecast (2016-2021)", published by IndustryARC.

Burgeoning demand in end-users such as Commercial and Medical along with favorable Government initiatives to drive the Holographic Display Market to $1.82 Billion by 2021

The market for holographic displays differs across regions in terms of demand, availability and penetration in various applications. Investments in 3D technology and displays space have supported the emergence of holographic devices which are flexible and compatible for their use in variety of applications. Holographic projection is the novel stride in the leap of technology that will change how things are presumed in the new era. This technology will have marvelous consequences on all sectors of life including medical, education, science, art and entertainment. Holographic technology in industrial applications is predominantly used for quality control in production and holographic non-destructive testing, which is a form of fracture testing. Increasing application scope and widening availability of holographic displays are the major factor owing to the growth of this market. Moreover, adoption of holographic displays in military simulation especially in training and army evaluation has also been a vital reason for the growing application base of holographic display market. Medical and commercial as well as entertainment industry are one of the important end users wherein holographic display has harnessed for the past few years.

The market in 2015 was $372.0 Million and is dominated by Americas. APAC is poised to exhibit the fastest growth due to favorable microeconomic conditions such as government regulations and financial conditions like increasing FDI investments. By 2016, the global holographic display market revenue for commercial sector is expected to reach $157.8 Million with growth of 32.1% CAGR in terms of revenue. This Market is all set to experience a booming trend owing to its growing usage in various end-users such as industrial, medical, commercial, automotive and more.

The number of product manufacturers across the world for holographic display has increased manifold. These product providers are actively investing in scaling up its position in the market and are able to attract profitable deals. Some of the major players of this market are Musion, EON Reality Inc., Realfiction, Zebra Imaging and many others. Major firms spent significantly in the development of efficient services and at the same time, new firms are coming up with cutting-edge competitive services, resulting in tremendous increase in the degree of competition. Globalization, need for cost reduction and socio-economic trends are the major drivers for increased holographic display market in the country

The holographic display market is characterized by large number of companies but top three companies pertaining to it account for 53.2% market share due to the wide product portfolio and brand reputation. Expanding collaborations and partnerships across industries for providing efficient hologram technologies along with the growth in demand, adoption of new technologies in emerging economies such as China, Thailand and India provides a strong impetus to the market growth. Innovation is a key driver for this segment. Within the holographic display industry, the threat of new entrants is very tight. The ever expanding application base is luring new firms to enter this market with less boundaries and large untapped market. However, most of the new entrants are still involved in research phase and huge set of products are set to be commercialized in the next two years further enticing new investments.

Following Key Players were also covered as part of the Market Landscape Analysis:
•Musion Das Hologram Ltd.
•EON Reality Inc.
•Zebra Imaging
•Provision Interactive Technologies, Inc.

The Holographic Display Market report is a comprehensive study of the market for different Types, Applications and Geography.

The Market has also been analyzed for four Geographic Regions which include:
•Americas - U.S., Canada, Brazil & Others
•APAC - Germany, U.K., France & Others
•Europe - China, Japan, South Korea & Others
•Rest of the World - Middle east & Africa

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