HMI+PLC Unit Offers Extensive Analog Capability

HMI+PLC Unit Offers Extensive Analog Capability
IDEC Corp.

The FT1A Touch 14 I/O extends the company’s FT1A Touch micro programmable controller series of combo HMI+PLC units. It includes features that make it suitable for advanced analog monitoring and control, allowing users to perform both operator interface and control for a much wider range of applications. The FT1A Touch 14 I/O provides up to 158 discrete and analog inputs and outputs, PID control, Ethernet communications, and a built-in 3.8-inch touchscreen HMI. Responding to user requests, the following features were added to the updated FT1A Touch 14 I/O from the existing FT1A Touch:
• The two-point built-in analog inputs now accept 4-20mA in addition to 0-10VDC
• Two built-in analog outputs were added, each configurable as 0-10VDC or 4-20mA
• Can now expand up to two additional analog two-point I/O modules
• RTD/Thermocouple analog input module available
• PID control
• Can be configured as Remote I/O Master, allowing additional FT1As to be used as Remote I/O Slaves for additional discrete I/O

The device has 14 I/O consisting of eight discrete inputs of which two can be configured as analog, four discrete outputs, and two analog outputs. The discrete inputs can handle switching frequencies up to 10 kHz. The analog inputs and outputs can be configured as either 0 to 10 Vdc or 4 mA to 20 mA. For complete specs, visit  

IDEC Corp.
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