Hisense ULED Wins Global Annual Display Technology Award

QINGDAO, China -- The Annual Display Technology Award goes to ULED, the proprietary new generation television technology developed in the research lab of China-based Hisense. This is also the third award that ULED has won since receiving the 2014 Color TV Innovation Award and CITE 2014 Award. The Annual Display Technology Award is issued by the authority of International Data Group (IDG) and is aimed at rewarding outstanding technologies developed by manufacturers around the world in the field of display technology.

In 2014, Hisense launched its proprietary LED backlit LCD TV Image Enhancing Technology, which has a dramatic effect on picture quality far beyond that of LED and is now referred to as ULED. This technology leverages multi-partition independent backlit control and HiView view engine technology, effectively solving the issues associated with 4K TV, as among them, defects in image layers, color rendering, image details and FPS while greatly enhancing the contrast, color rendering and response speed.

Hisense ULED has now established itself as one of the core display technologies challenging Korean Samsung and LG, demonstrating that Chinese makers have thrown down the gauntlet in terms of determining who will be the dominant force in display technology.

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