Highwall Technologies Stops Top Five Wireless Networking Vulnerabilities

SARASOTA, Fla. /BUSINESS WIRE/--Highwall Technologies, a wireless and mobile security company, announced the release of Highwall Enterprise 4.0, centralized security software that integrates real-time information from smart agents deployed on wireless devices, in the wired-network, and in wireless sensors. Highwall Enterprise 4.0 secures the top 5 vulnerabilities created by wireless computing through a scalable software-only solution, allowing enterprises to avoid the significant costs associated with building an overlay network of RF sensors. By deploying Highwall 4.0 along with smart agents on the wired network and in mobile device endpoints (laptops), enterprises can quickly and cost-effectively eliminate these crucial wireless security challenges:

• Rogue access points on the wired network (open gateways behind the firewall)

• Dual homing/bridging (laptops being used as gateways into the wired network)

• Ad hoc networks (peer networks being created by two wireless devices)

• Unauthorized connections (wireless clients connecting to unsecured, unauthorized WLANs)

• Mobile Security (ability to secure and track a mobile client in the office, at home, or on the road.)

Highwall Enterprise 4.0 lets network administrators centrally manage endpoints (laptops), enforce policy, and monitor mobile users from a single platform, ensuring secure mobile users inside and outside the corporate firewall.

“Faced with compliance mandates, security imperatives, and tight budgets, IT managers tell us their top priority is protecting the wired network and users’ wireless computers—not the airspace,” said Rich Swier, CEO of Highwall Technologies. “Highwall Enterprise 4.0 gives them what they need—a simple way to secure endpoints and the wired network at a total deployment cost that is radically lower than that of competitors whose approach requires expensive sensor overlays.”

Wireless sensors are required only when enterprises need to protect their wireless networks from wireless attacks. In many cases, customers already have intrusion detection and encryption as part of their WLAN Infrastructure. Thus, there is no need for an overlay network. Highwall products focus on the threats and vulnerabilities surrounding the mobile user, the laptop, and other devices installed on the wired network that breach corporate security policy.

Availability and Pricing

Highwall Enterprise 4.0 is immediately available and is priced on a “per agent” basis (i.e., for each wired agent on the wired network and/or endpoint agent deployed on the laptop or desktop).

Suggested list pricing in the United States:

• Highwall wired agent, priced per subnet, starting at $299 per subnet

• Highwall endpoint agent, priced per laptop, starting at $45 per laptop

About Highwall Technologies

Highwall delivers comprehensive security solutions to enterprises that need to monitor and instantly respond to security vulnerabilities, intrusions, and policy violations caused by wireless computing. Highwall protects the wired network and mobile device end-points through centralized security software, which integrates real-time information from smart agents deployed on wireless devices, in the wired-network, and in wireless sensors. As security vendor to discriminating organizations including Ernst & Young, the U.S. and Canadian Governments, and Universal Healthcare, Highwall has proven itself as a leader in providing cost-effective solutions to meet compliance and security requirements of large scale enterprises. More information: www.highwalltech.com.

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