Highly secure encryption combined with an efficient MDM

Infotecs, an international vendor of IT security software and solutions, released version 4.6.4 of its ViPNet VPN encryption solution now integrated with MobileIron’s mobile device management systems (MDM).

In today’s world, business life cannot be imagined without mobile devices. Companies inevitably allow their employees to use their private smartphones or tablets for business needs. This creates a demand for simple, efficient and quick-to-implement mobile device management that securely connects employees to their companies’ resources, other employees and partners.

IT security experts from Infotecs have enhanced the ViPNet VPN encryption solution according to the above requirements. The new version, ViPNet VPN 4.6.4, allows companies to securely manage their mobile platforms using MDM systems developed by MobileIron, a US vendor of MDM and enterprise mobility management (EMM) solutions. According to the recent analysis by Gartner, MobileIron was ranked as the only leading company in the Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Mobility Management Suites in 2016.

With the technology integration between ViPNet and MobileIron’s MDM systems, ViPNet users can now easily combine Infotecs' encryption solutions with the MobileIron MDM system. The MobileIron MDM administrator can roll-out, configure and manage customers’ ViPNet secure networks allowing the IT administrator to configure which users of mobile devices should have ViPNet Client installed and assign them device-specific key updates.

Most of all, users will now benefit from ViPNet’s robust encryption of all critical business communications: voice, chat, email, and video and file exchange. ViPNet technology offers enterprise grade level security and symmetric key management that enables securing direct point-to-point connections. This proprietary technology and the fact that ViPNet solutions require no exchange of public keys and certificates over insecure channels ensures that man-in-the-middle and insider attacks can be completely avoided.

The new version of the ViPNet VPN has become even more easy to use allowing IT administrators to more simply manage when they connect users to the iOS mobile platform and internal resources can be accessed not only by their IP addresses but by DNS names.

ViPNet 4.6.4 supports the credit card-sized Raspberry Pi Mini PC as well, allowing small offices, previously not concerned with IT security due to price, to implement a highly secure encryption solution at an affordable cost. This greatly reduces the cost for such application areas as physical security (e.g. facility management and access control with IP video surveillance). Infotecs previously announced its solution for Raspberry Pi in its press release.

Download a trial 60-day version of ViPNet VPN 4.6.4 from http://www.infotecs.biz/download

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