Higher-Power Chip Resistors Extend Current Sense Range

TT Electronics extends its MFC series metal foil chip resistors with a 2817 size that can dissipate up to 3W. Viable for current sensing in the 1A to 30A range, the MFC2817 chip resistors enable designers to achieve compact power conversion circuits in industrial and medical applications.

In addition to power supplies and dc/dc converters, the resistors also meet the current measurement requirements of driver circuits for motors, actuators, lighting and HVAC systems. Resistance values range from 3 mΩ to 150 mΩ and a low TCR of ±30 ppm/°C compared to the 4 mΩ minimum value and 50- to 100-ppm TCR specification of the nearest competitive part.

For further information, peruse the datasheets.


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