High-Voltage Reed Relay Shrinks

High-Voltage Reed Relay Shrinks
Standex-Meder Electronics

Replacing the potted version of the SIL HV reed relay, the improved, molded SHV Series relay is more compact and features an internal magnetic shield that is ideal for a high density board assembly. The component specifies a high-breakdown (hold off) voltage of 4 kVdc and a typical contact resistance of 70 mΩ. Other improvements include a voltage and power switching capability of 100W/1 kVdc/1A, breakdown voltage and dielectric strength up to 4 kVdc, pulsed carry-current up to 3A, an optional suppression diode, and better wash-ability resistance and rating. Additionally, the SIL-HV reed relay is RoHS compliant and is currently in the process of being UL listed.

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