High-Voltage Converter Enables Ultra-Low Power Consumption

High-Voltage Converter Enables Ultra-Low Power Consumption

The VIPER01 high-voltage power converter reportedly allows designers to build an ultra-low-consumption, simple, and cost-effective switched-mode power supply with a 5V output. It is suitable for use in home appliances, building, lighting, motion control, and small industrial and consumer applications. The device operates directly from a rectified mains supply and integrates an 800V avalanche-rugged Power MOSFET with pulse-width modulation current-mode control, and multiple protection circuits. Additionally, it provides the auxiliary supply to microcontrollers in IoT devices that are permanently connected to the Internet or a local network. Features include:
• 800 V avalanche-rugged Power MOSFET
• Embedded HV start-up and sense-FET
• Current mode PWM controller
• Drain current limit protection
• Supply-voltage range from 4.5V to 30V
• Self-supply option allows auxiliary winding or bias components to be removed
• Jittered switching frequency reduces the EMI filter cost
• Embedded error amplifier with 1.2V reference voltage
• Protections with automatic restart include overload/short-circuit, line or output OVP, maximum duty cycle counter, VCC clamp
• Embedded thermal shutdown
• Soft-start

The VIPER01 comes with evaluation kits, application notes, and spice models, and is available now at a price of 0.364 each/1,000. For further information, visit http://www.st.com/viperplus  

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Company: STMicroelectronics
Country: Switzerland

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