High-Voltage CMOS Transistors Are Truly Scalable

High-Voltage CMOS Transistors Are Truly Scalable
ams AG

Expanding on the company’s 0.35-µm high-voltage CMOS specialty process platform, the advanced “H35” process yields a set of truly voltage scalable transistors offering significant area and performance improvements. The voltage scalable NMOS and PMOS transistor devices are optimized for various drain-source voltage levels (VDS) from 20V to 100V and provide significant lower on-resistance, resulting in area savings. Using an optimized 30V NMOS transistor in power management applications instead of a fixed 50V transistor results in an area saving of approx. 50%. A 60V optimized NMOS device results in 22% less area when compared to a standard 120V NMOS transistor. Foundry customers developing complex High-Voltage analog/mixed-signal applications such as large driver and switching ICs instantly benefit from more dies per wafer. The area optimized devices suit a wide range of applications such as MEMS drivers, motor drivers, switches and power management ICs used in automotive, medical and industrial products.

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