High-Temperature pH Sensors from Emerson

High-Temperature pH Sensors from Emerson
Emerson Process Management
Rosemount Analytical PERpH-X Models 3300HT and 3400HT from Emerson Process Management, Irvine, CA, are pH sensors that operate for longer times in temperatures up to 145°C. Features include AccuGlass pH glass formulations that resist cracking and maintain near-theoretical response even at extreme pH values and after exposure to very high temperatures; an improved double-junction reference that can be refilled; a replaceable Teflon reference junction; and a Ryton body in a titanium sensor tube. Sensors have pressure/temperature ratings of 100 psig at 145°C or 250 psig at 100°C. The Model 3400HT has a retractable design while the Model 3300HT is for insertion/submersion.

Contact Info

Company: Emerson Process Management
Country: United States (USA)
Phone number: +46 31-3370226

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