High-Temperature IEPE Accelerometer Includes LPF

High-Temperature IEPE Accelerometer Includes LPF
Meggitt Sensing Systems

The Endevco model 27BLPF high temperature, single-axis IEPE accelerometer features an integral two-pole low-pass filter (LPF) and comes in a miniature, lightweight package. The sensor has a 0.25 in. diameter and weighs 0.8g. With a 10-mV/g sensitivity, it operates reliably up to +175°C (+347°F). Two standard options are available; the 27BLPF-10-02 with a 2-kHz corner frequency and the 27BLPF-10-10 offering a 10-kHz corner frequency. Low-pass filtering at 2 kHz or 10 kHz enables attenuation of high-frequency, high-g signals in order to prevent obscuring low-frequency data of interest. For more information, visit https://www.endevco.com/27blpf-10

Meggitt Sensing Systems
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