High-Temperature Displacement Sensors from Capacitec

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Capacitec Inc.

Capacitec Inc., Ayer, MA, offers high-temperature noncontact displacement sensors for automotive, glass manufacturing, and aircraft engine testing applications. The Model HPC-150C-H sensor assembly is 9.5 mm o.d., has a 2.5 mm range, 0.25 µm resolution, and operates at 400°C for testing disc brake rotors. The Model HPC-500-V sensors for automotive windshield glass production have flexible high-temperature cables and measure gaps in the tooling at production temperatures of 800°C. Custom gap sensors for commercial plate glass production and fabrication are used to control the thickness of antireflective and solar coatings. The Model HPC-75-V/S operates in temperatures up to 1000°C and are used to measure thermal expansion, axial expansion and radial runout for aircraft engine testing.

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Company: Capacitec Inc.
Country: United States (USA)
Phone number: 978-772-6033
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