High-Temperature Accelerometer from CTC

High-Temperature Accelerometer from CTC
Connection Technology Center (CTC) Inc.

Connection Technology Center (CTC) Inc., Victor, NY, offers high-temperature accelerometers that let you monitor acceleration or velocity on turbines, boiler feed pumps and compressors in temperatures up to 343°C. The sensor has a top-exit flexible hard-line integral cable and features 25 pC/g sensitivity, ±50 g dynamic range (when combined with the HA602-100A charge amplifier), and a 300 Series SS case. The flexible hard-line cable system ensures that the resistance is controlled and constant to the amplifier. The mineral insulated cable protects conductors from the environment while the cable's rigidity protects data from triboelectric effects.

Contact Info

Company: Connection Technology Center (CTC) Inc.
Phone number: 800-999-5290
Fax: 585-924-4680

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