High-Temp Encoder Module from Avago Technologies

High-Temp Encoder Module from Avago Technologies
Avago Technologies

The miniature AEDT-9340 from Avago Technologies, San Jose, CA, is a compact, high-temperature 6-channel optical incremental C-shaped encoder module for brushless DC motors used in industrial and factory automation equipment. The module includes a lensed LED source and detector IC enclosed in a small plastic package and features ±1° mechanical commutation; U, V, and W integrated commutation output channels; 2-channel quadrature outputs (A, B); index output generated once per rotation of the codewheel; up to 2500 counts/rev.; up to 200 kHz frequency response; and tolerance to mounting misalignment. Applications include robotic devices, textile machines, machine tools, and food and packaging machines.

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Company: Avago Technologies
Phone number: 800-235-0312

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