High-Speed Camera Captures The Invisible

High-Speed Camera Captures The Invisible
Vision Research Inc.

For scientists, researchers, and engineers needing to record invents moving fart too fast for the human eye, the Phantom v2010 camera captures more than 22,000 frames-per-second (fps) at full resolution using high-definition and widescreen 1280 x 800 CMOS sensors. Maintaining a high dynamic range, the camera provides a 12-bit pixel depth as standard and is configurable with 24GB, 48GB, or 96GB of memory, dividable into 63 partitions. Other features include sensitivity as high as ISO 5000 (daylight illumination) for color images and ISO 25,000 for monochrome images, time code, dual power inputs, HD-SDI, a GPS input, camera synchronization, and trigger connections. Additionally, the v2010 comes with the company’s CineMag interface, which allows saving a high-speed shot from camera memory to non-volatile storage in seconds. For example, with the ability to save 1 GB/s worth of data to a CineMag, users can save a 96-GB shot in about 1.5 minutes. A datasheet and mechanical drawing are available at http://www.visionresearch.com/uploads/Docs/Products/DS_WEB-vxx10-Family.pdf and http://www.visionresearch.com/uploads/Docs/Customer%20Drawings/1210_1610_OUTLINE.PDF, respectively.

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