High-Security Sensor Line Adds Retrofit Models

(HSI Sensing)

HSI Sensing’s high-security Sentinel sensors line now includes retrofit models. Sentinel Retro is compliant with existing models on the market to facilitate the ease of replacing outdated sensor technology with the newest innovations from HSI. 


HSI launched its Sentinel sensors line in 2017 as an enhanced technology for high-security intrusion detection. Sentinel sensors utilize Solid State technology and are designed with a wide range of anti-tamper features allowing them to resist physical, electrical and magnetic tampering. It is intended to be a door contact sensor and entry-point alarm where failure is not an option, like at government facilities, prisons, banks, power plants, weapon sites and other high-security areas.


The Sentinel Retro models feature the same screw hole patterns as other high-security sensors currently in the field, allowing the models to be drop in replacements for existing uses. The Retro Models, just like the rest of the Sentinel line, have received the highest high-security standard listing available - a UL 634 Level 2 listing. Achieving this puts the products in an elite tier and requires 16 additional standards to be met beyond the initial 40 for a UL 634 listing.


The sensors also come in a dual-alarm version and a dry-circuit version. The Sentinel SM2 Retro Dual Alarm is designed with two alarm outputs, making it the ideal choice when a secondary circuit is needed for an indication light, access control system or other addition. The Sentinel SM2 Retro Dry Circuit is designed to convert the alarm and tamper outputs from a digital signal to a dry contact signal, internally changing the two-wire output signal to a set of SPDT switches. These also have a UL 634 Level 2 listing for reliable security performance.


To learn more, take a look at some Sentinel datasheets.