High-Res Position Sensor Supports Optimization

High-Res Position Sensor Supports Optimization

Employing capacitance micrometry, the NX NanoSensor exhibits sensitivity levels that are able to measure changes in position to an atomic scale. The non-contact position measuring system relies on two sensor plates, a target and a probe, which between them form a parallel plate capacitor. Using an appropriate electronic controller, the spacing of the plates can be accurately ascertained. Applications for the sensor are stage feedback, vibration measurement, metrology, deformation measurements, precision manufacturing, drift measurement, precision beam steering and microscopy. Position can be determined to a margin of better than 7 pm, with a linearity to 0.02% and a bandwidth from 50 Hz up to 10 kHz. Plate shapes include round, square or rectangular with active areas of 22.5 mm2, 113 mm2, and 282 mm2. For more information visit: http://www.nanopositioning.com

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