High-Res Lens Has An Eye On Machine Vision Chores

Qioptiq, an Excelitas Technologies company, introduces its inspec.x HR 2.4/128 3.33x lens. Developed to achieve object resolution up to 300 Lp/mm for use in the machine vision, semiconductor and quality control (QC)industries, lens is optimized for a magnification factor of 3.33x and supports sensors up to 82 mm in length.

Featuring an f/2.4 aperture, the inspec.x HR 2.4/128 3.33x Lens maintains high imaging quality with high-intensity light throughput. It also achieves extremely low distortion of less than 0.1% across the entire image circle. The HR 2.4/128 3.33x’s spectral range of 400nm-750nm is precisely suited for use with modern, high-resolution 12k and 16k line cameras supporting 3.5 µm and 5µm sensors.

The inspec.x HR 2.4/128 3.33x Lens features a unique diffraction-limited optical design and a focal length of 128 mm. It can be equipped with a prism module for coaxial illumination as well as a mechanical tube to adapt the lens to M72, M90 and M95 camera mounts. The iris diaphragm is manual and lockable. To glean more, checkout the inspec.x HR 2.4/128 3.33x lens datasheet and visit the product page.

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