High Pressure Flowmeter/Switch Handle Horizontal And Vertical Flow

High Pressure Flowmeter/Switch Handle Horizontal And Vertical Flow
Kobold Instruments Inc.

The SM Series flowmeters can be ordered with set point switches to actuate at a specific flow rate. The switches are mounted externally in a protective housing and are actuated by a magnet within the float. This same magnet can also be used to couple to an external flow indicator, allowing for reading of the flow rate without requiring visibility of the float. The SM offers all of the benefits inherent in an all-metal design, such as high pressure and shock resistance. They are designed to handle flow rates much larger than their stated maximum range without damage. At excessive flow rates, however, there is a larger pressure drop. Download a datasheet at http://koboldusa.com/sites/default/files/product_files/high-pressure-all-metal-flowmeter_0.pdf

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