High-Precision Pressure Transducer from Mensor

High-Precision Pressure Transducer from Mensor
Mensor Corp.

The Model CPT 6180 from Mensor Corp., San Marcos, TX, is available in measuring ranges from 15 to 6000 psi with an uncertainty of 0.01%intelliscale-50 and a calibration stability of 365 days. The 0.01%intelliscale-50 term denotes 0.01% uncertainty of reading with the %of reading applying to the portion of the range above 50% F.S. Below 50% of F.S. the uncertainty is 0.005% F.S. Features include 250 Hz continuous output mode and the ability to read out pressure via RS-232, RS-485, or in a query/response mode.

Contact Info

Company: Mensor Corp.
Country: United States (USA)
Phone number: 512-396-4200
Fax: 512-396-1820

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