High Power PLD Delivers Extremely Short Pulses

LASER COMPONENTS’ QuickSwitch embarks as a hybrid, 905-nm high-power PLD generating what its maker believes is the world’s shortest pulse width of 2.5 ns typical at a pulse frequency up to 200 kHz. The component can be equipped with various storage capacitors, depending on which, it achieves an optical peak power up to 89W. The pulse width of the optical output does not depend on the width of the trigger input pulse. Thus, the device is extremely easy to use.


The PLD, high current switch, and charge storage capacitor are enclosed in a compact TO56 housing. The high current loop is fully integrated into the housing, which is also equipped with an additional ground pin independent from both the signal and supply returns. This results in a Faraday cage effectively protecting the QuickSwitch and its surroundings from electromagnetic interference.


Ready to trip the light fantastique via PLD, but need more info? Checkout the QuickSwitch datasheet.