High-Performance IMU from Sensonor

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Sensonor AS

The STIM300 from Sensonor AS, Horten, Norway, is a 35 cm3, 55 g, low-power, ITAR-free tactical grade IMU that is non-GPS-aided and insensitive to magnetic fields. The device offers ±10 g acceleration input range, ±400°/s angular rate input range (capped at ±480°/s), 0.5°/hr. gyro bias instability, 0.15°/√hr. angular random walk, 10°/hr. gyro bias error over temperature gradients, 0.05 mg accelerometer bias instability, and axis misalignment of 1 mrad. It incorporates 3 inclinometers for accurate leveling in addition to its 3 MEMS gyros and 3 high-stability accelerometers. A RISC ARM microcontroller enables device configuration and programming; user-selectable Service Mode lets you configure the device and access diagnostics.

Contact Info

Company: Sensonor AS
Country: Norway
Phone number: +47 3303-5000
Fax: +47 3303-5005

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