High Frequency Wireless Sensors Cut Maintenance Costs

InVMA’s AssetMinder turnkey asset performance management platform has been extended to include high frequency vibration sensors that measure vibration levels and temperature.


The platform now includes the capability to transform the remote monitoring of mission-critical, heavy industrial assets such as compressors, pumps, centrifuges and generators. This helps reduce costs and improves the reliability of test results. When used in conjunction with other relevant process measurements and machine learning capabilities, this added functionality can help to predict failure and reduce costly downtime.

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Currently, this type of asset is monitored with portable vibration monitoring equipment which requires field service and additional human resources due to being a labor-intensive system. Moreover, the period of testing is not completely reliable as it only shows the equipment state at the time of sampling. While permanent measuring equipment can be costly to install as it requires additional hardware elements.


The new high frequency vibration sensors now available within the AssetMinder solution solve these challenges with sensors fitted using magnetic mounts, cutting the installation time to minutes. The maintenance of high-speed rotation assets, such as compressors, is further improved with high frequency sample rate and BLE accelerometer. The system notifies users of deteriorating conditions and provides additional information for engineers, allowing them to then apply their specialist knowledge to solve the problem. Ultimately this means that maintenance process can be automated, saving time and money for the asset owner. The technology is also available for use in hazardous area applications as it has been ATEX certified. Get more information on the AssetMinder page.

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