PLEINFELD, GERMANY - - W. L. Gore & Associates, Inc. presents its family of high flex cables to meet the semiconductor industry’s growing demand for higher data rate cables in a flexible, lightweight, and cost-effective package. Engineered for complex cleanroom environments, GORE® High Flex Cables provide reliable signal integrity for high-speed data transmission in a variety of semiconductor equipment applications. These cables support standard protocols such as Ethernet Cat5, 6, and 7, USB 2.0 and 3.1, Camera Link™, CoaXPress, and more.

GORE® High Flex Cables have a proven flex life greater than 10 million cycles at a 50-millimeter bend radius without compromising signal integrity. “Gore continues to lead the industry with cables that meet or exceed AIA Vision cable standards in high flex environments for machine vision applications,” said Jason Davis, Global Product Manager.

GORE® High Flex Cables are the ideal choice for cleanroom, vacuum, and low-charging applications. They protect against particulation, outgassing, and electrostatic discharge due to their unique low-friction, chemically-inert materials. The unique construction of these cables significantly reduces weight with a small bend radius for easier installation. All of this translates to reduced maintenance and downtime, and lower total costs over the life of the equipment.

Typical applications for GORE® High Flex Cables include high-speed transmission and datalinks, control networks, moving cables in machine vision systems (camera), high-speed image scanning, processing and data transfer, display interconnects, laptop screens, external wirings and digital video cameras.

For more information, visit http://www.gore.com/electronics


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