High Current Ultra Low Noise Filter Expands Power Source’s Output Range up to 500 mA

SANTA ROSA, CA – Keysight Technologies, Inc. introduces a high-current ultra-low noise filter for the B2961A and B2962A 6.5 Digit Low Noise Power Source that can supply up to 500 mA while maintaining 10 µVrms and 1nVrms/√Hz (at 10 kHz) noise performance. With a starting price of less than $10K, the B2961A and B2962A are the world’s only low-cost standalone power sources capable of sourcing at ultra-low noise levels. These products help researchers, electronic development engineers and electronic technicians to meet their most difficult measurement challenges during device development and evaluation.

As electronic equipment and devices become smaller, integrated and more portable, they demand greater intelligence, integration, miniaturization and lower-power consumption. Researchers, designers and developers pursuing the innovations and breakthroughs needed to develop these next-generation devices typically require basic equipment such as power supplies and sources for this work. When sensitive devices are being developed, those sources must have high precision and resolution, as well as low-noise voltage.

Keysight’s B2961A and B2962A deliver the best-in-class precision and extremely low noise floors that today’s design engineers researching and developing AD/DA converters, VCOs, sensors and transducer devices demand. Such devices often require wide current and voltage coverage with low noise. With its new ultra low noise filter, the B2961Aand B2962A can now output up to 500 mA while still maintaining an extremely low-noise floor of 10 µVrms and 1nVrms/√Hz (at 10 kHz). These capabilities make it the ideal precision source for use with other instruments such as network analyzers, signal source analyzer and nano-voltmeters.

Most signal source analyzers, even those with a built-in source, cannot simultaneously supply a low-noise voltage output at the current levels needed for many engineering applications. However, the B2961A and B2962A’s new high current ultra low noise filter meets both of these requirements.

B2961A and B2962A ultra low noise power sources are available today at a starting price of $6,963. More information is available at http://www.keysight.com/find/PrecisionSource

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