High-Accuracy Temperature Sensors from Heraeus

Heraeus Sensor Technology USA

KX Series platinum temperature sensors from Heraeus Sensor Technology USA, North Brunswick, NJ, have ceramic wire-wound construction and are suited for use in laboratory thermometers, high-precision process thermometers, and other applications that require high-accuracy, high-reliability temperature sensors. The sensors are interchangeable, supplied in Pt100 as per IEC 60751; they are offered in W0.3 (B), W0.15 (A), or W0.10 (1/3B) accuracies; they experience 0.025 ohms max. ice-point resistance shift after 10 consecutive cycles from –196°C to 400°C; and feature high vibration resistance and low hysteresis.

Contact Info

Company: Heraeus Sensor Technology USA
Country: United States (USA)
Phone number: 732-940-4400
Fax: 732-940-4445

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