Herokins Creator Launches New Edtech Wearable on Indiegogo

SAN FRANCISCO, CA -- In a world where technology typically interrupts and detracts from family life, Little Heroes Technologies has created a line of wearable smart toys called Herokins that foster shared experiences between parents and children. Herokins celebrate the adventure of learning by bringing traditional storytelling to life through engaging StoryQuests that support young children's natural desire to gain independence while learning a sense of responsibility. The mobile app and Bluetooth-enabled wearable action figures — Axel McRed and Dr. Rose — pair to guide users on adventures that both strengthen family bonds and facilitate learning. Little Heroes' pre-sale goal for its Herokins Indiegogo campaign is $20,000.

"Crowdfunding is known for catching the eyes of early adopters, and we could not think of a more fitting platform than Indiegogo to launch our campaign," said Paolo Debellini, founder and CEO of Little Heroes Technologies. Though technology has a tendency to disconnect families by promoting human-to-screen interactions, we believe Herokins will help bring families back together through shared experiences. Our interactive app and wearable smart toy let parents proactively engage with their children and the technology in ways that decrease screen time, stimulate the mind and evoke positive learned behaviors."

Herokins are designed to harness the power of intrinsic motivation and turn teachable moments into fun joint parent-child adventures. With Herokins, children learn to exercise desirable behaviors, and parents help them learn important life skills during each StoryQuest. Herokins represents a true paradigm shift; instead of parents having to chase or lecture their children, kids embrace teachable moments and approach their moms and dads to embark on another Herokins StoryQuest.

"It's been amazing to see parents and children interact with Herokins and each other," said Anne Cunningham, PhD professor of cognition and development at University of California Berkeley, who was also part of Leapfrog's founding advisory board. "In an age where technology all too often disengages us, Herokins truly connects families and helps to forge stronger parent-child bonds. I haven't been this excited about an edtech product since my work during the early days of LeapFrog."

To promote engaging and enjoyable play, the wearable heroes have a built-in speaker and LED lights that bring the characters to life. Each Herokin will also be equipped with a sensor to detect proximity and movement. In addition, the free Herokins app for Android and iOS will initially contain multiple StoryQuests for each character. The library of StoryQuests will be updated regularly to include new adventures around child development such as safety, chores, social emotional milestones, and more.

Pre-ordered Herokins are scheduled to ship in Fall 2015 and will be available to consumers on Amazon and through specialty retailers for the holidays.
For more details, go to https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/herokins#/story

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