Heim Data Systems, Enertec, and In-Snec Join Forces

The Zodiac Group has finalized the union of three of its U.S. technology group operations to create Zodiac Data Systems Inc. The newly unified company—consisting of Heim Data Division, ENERTEC Division, and IN-SNEC Division—will provide customers with a complete offering of data acquisition and telemetry solutions.

"This exciting combination of leading-edge technology companies presents our customers with a single source for a comprehensive range of data acquisition and telemetry system offerings. In addition to providing a broader range of products and systems capability, Zodiac Data Systems will deliver improved quality and service, as well as drive technology innovation for our customers' applications," said Bill Barsby, CEO, Zodiac Data Systems Inc.

HEIM DATA, a leading supplier of data acquisition equipment, distributes and supports a wide range of industrial, mobile, portable, airborne, and laboratory data acquisition systems. These systems provide high-quality, flexible off-the-shelf solutions for stand-alone and computer-integrated operation suitable for flight test, range telemetry, and general industrial data acquisition.

ENERTEC is a leading name in mission data recorders and storage, providing solutions for aerospace and defense applications requiring compact, rugged, high-bit-rate airborne systems. ENERTEC provides COTS and custom engineered systems with a focus on the specific needs of harsh environment missions.

IN-SNEC provides products and systems in support of ground and airborne telemetry applications. Airborne products include telemetry transmitters, data links for UAV sensor and command/control communications, flight termination receivers, and data acquisition systems. Ground products and systems include flight termination command uplink equipment, receivers for telemetry, remote sensing, and TT&C baseband applications. Complete ground and mobile data processing systems include a wide range of tracking antennas and controllers.

Zodiac Data Systems Inc. is a technology leader and an all-in-one solution provider in the fields of data acquisition and telemetry. The company consists of three divisions, Heim Data, Enertec, and IN-SNEC and is a subsidiary of the Zodiac US Corp. Zodiac is a global company with interests in the aerospace, marine, telecommunications, electronics, and information technology markets.

For information about the Zodiac Group, please visit the company's Web site.

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