Heilind Named Best Distributor By Bishop Survey

WILMINGTON, MA -- For the fourth consecutive year, Heilind Electronics, the largest distributor of interconnect products in North America, ranked first in overall customer satisfaction in a survey of electronics distribution customers. The survey was conducted throughout March and April by market research firm Bishop & Associates and evaluated the top 12 electronics distributors in North America. Survey participants rated distributors on issues ranging from ease of doing business, price competitiveness, on-time delivery, and sales and technical support to depth and breadth of inventory. Heilind was rated the most preferred distributor, surpassing the second-highest-rated distributor by more than a two-to-one margin. Heilind also scored highest in breadth of product offering, sales and technical support, and ease of doing business. "Customer service is extremely important to Heilind," says Alan Clapp, Vice President at Heilind Electronics. "We are constantly working on ways to be faster, more flexible and more responsive to customers, and we believe these survey results validate that we are on the right track. We will continue to strive to be the service leader in our industry." Bishop & Associates, based out of St. Charles, Illinois, is an independent market research firm focused on the global interconnect industry since 1985. This is the fourth year Bishop has conducted this survey. For more information on the survey, objectives, methodology and rankings, visit http://www.heilind.com

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