Headsets Free Hands, Boost Productivity

I don’t know, but I’m sure I’ve seen hands-free headsets in use for quite some time now, and not just in the workplace but in homes and with mobile devices. Since the dawn of infomercials on TV, there’s always at least one smiling individual with abnormally white teeth in the video taking someone’s order for product X (often the product that makes teeth abnormally white).

Well, perhaps these headsets are more novel than they seem. Based on research, Frost & Sullivan seems to think they are the key to higher productivity. As per the research firm, “In software-driven offices, the incorporation of software intelligence in headset devices will be paramount for sustained adoption.”

As per Frost & Sullivan, “the global contact center and office (CC&O) headset market is on the cusp of rapid growth driven by the expansion of software-based communications clients. Adoption will continue as organizations realize the role of CC&O headsets in driving productivity in the workplace by enabling hands-free communications and an efficient work environment.”

Okay, it’s clear that most call center workers will need to communicate without holding a phone to their heads with one hand. With both hands free, while they are speaking to a customer they can input data to a computer, write notes, make sandwiches, and not light up in a smoke-free environment. Obviously, this study numerates and projects future sales of headsets that free the hands. "In new work environments characterized by proliferating user devices, the need for mobility and the desire to eliminate noise, such professional headsets can foster smarter collaboration and enhance worker productivity," said Frost & Sullivan Unified Communications & Collaboration Research Analyst Alaa Saayed. "Providing integration with several devices and applications, as well as extending UC features and contextual intelligence capabilities are added productivity benefits that underline the importance of business headsets."

Okay, but are these earth-shattering observations? According to the report, “Despite these evident opportunities, certain factors continue to affect CC&O headset demand. Tough global macro-economic conditions force businesses to shy away from investing in new communication technologies. Additionally, price-sensitive companies prefer low-cost endpoints rather than upper-range devices.”

New communication technology? Hands-free headsets? Am I missing something here??? Last time I looked, these headsets sold for way less than the toothpaste that makes one’s teeth abnormally white. For more details, visit http://www.frost.com    ~MD

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