HE73 Halogen Moisture Analyzer Covers The Basics

HE73 Halogen Moisture Analyzer Covers The Basics
Mettler-Toledo LLC

The HE73 entry level halogen moisture analyzer takes a no-frills approach that promises to make moisture analysis accessible to all users. Providing just the basic functionality that users need, at an affordable price, the analyzer provides reliable moisture results in just a few minutes. The unit provides graphical guidance on its display, displaying three steps in the process: tare the empty weighing pan, add the sample and spread evenly, and press start. The final moisture content of the sample is displayed on the screen. The HE73 uses halogen drying technology coupled with a weighing unit to ensure moisture results are accurate and highly repeatable. For more info, go to http://us.mt.com/us/en/home/products/Laboratory_Weighing_Solutions/moisture-analyzer/entry_moistureanalyzer.html

Mettler-Toledo LLC
Columbus, OH

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Company: Mettler-Toledo LLC
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