HDC Enclosures Thwart Corrosion

HDC Enclosures Thwart Corrosion
TE Connectivity

The company’s latest range of heavy-duty connector (HDC) IP68 and electro-chemical compatibility (EMC) hoods and housing provide protection against environmental and electro-chemical contact corrosion. Typical applications include train sub-systems and inter-vehicle connections, vehicle washing facilities and electronic modules exposed to detergents, wind turbine brakes and pitch drives, and mining equipment. The hoods and housings have a robust design in a powder-coated die-cast aluminum alloy and are available in several different colors. They lock together with stainless steel M6 screws, and a nitrile rubber seal ensures protection against ingress of dust and liquids to a level of IP68. The HDC enclosures protect against humidity, salt, detergents, fertilizers, UV radiation, temperature, shocks and vibrations. Accelerated weathering tests involving exposure to salt spray for 500 hours have confirmed the corrosion resistance of the components.

TE Connectivity
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