Hawk Measurement Systems Announces Joint Venture

MELBOURNE, Australia -- Hawk Measurement Systems, Australia, a leading global provider of level, positioning and flow measurement technology, has announced a joint venture with Chongquin Sichuan Instrument Co., the largest instrumentation company in China.

Chongquin Sichuan Instrument Co. (CSI) has an extensive distribution system in China, employing over 1000 salespeople. The joint venture is Chongquin Hawk Chuan Yi Instrument Co.

Les Richards, the founder and Managing Director of Hawk Measurement Systems, explains:
"This joint venture is an initial step for both companies to establish a level and flow group for significant growth and sales across China. The aim of this joint venture is to become the leading supplier of level and flow products in China within 10 years. As a world leader, this will allow Hawk to have a competitive edge in both technology and performance. The extensive sales and support structure of this joint venture, combined with our products and technical expertise, will be the essential difference for us to achieve our goals."

In January, 2008 Chongquin Sichuan Instrument Company opened its facility in China and began assembling and testing instruments that are produced by Hawk in Australia. The finished products are then shipped to customers in China.

"We see this as an effective way to penetrate the Chinese market," said Jack Evans, President of Hawk Measurement, North America. "CSI came to Hawk because we're a leader in product development. This is only the third time CSI has entered into a joint venture."

"CSI was especially interested in our proven acoustic wave technology," Evans noted. Hawk's acoustic wave sensors are used to sense liquid levels and flow rates. He added that acoustic sensors are as accurate as radar sensors, but are more cost effective.

About Hawk
Hawk, a world leader in level, positioning and flow measurement technology, provides cutting edge equipment to the global industrial market. With over 30 years of experience, Hawk offers a record of success in a wide range of areas including mining/mineral processing, water supply/waste water, bulk material handling and chemical. Hawk's ongoing commitment aims to provide industry leading technology and cost effective solutions.

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