Harsh Environment LVDT from Trans-Tek

Harsh Environment LVDT from Trans-Tek
Trans-Tek Inc.

Trans-Tek Inc., Ellington, CT, offers LVDTs capable of withstanding high pressures and temperatures, developed in collaboration with a manufacturer of tools for the down-hole oil drilling industry. Based on the Series 230 LVDTs, the devices have a perforated transducer housing to equalize pressure inside and outside the LVDT and must be used with electrically nonconductive and chemically benign fluids. The sensors are rated for pressures to 35,000 psi at continuous temperatures as high as 450°F. Nonlinearity is ±0.25% and ±0.01%/°F temperature coefficient of sensitivity.

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Company: Trans-Tek Inc.
Phone number: 800-828-3964
Fax: 860-872-4211

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