Harsh-Duty Optical Encoders from Danaher

Harsh-Duty Optical Encoders from Danaher
Danaher Industrial Controls Group
Danaher Industrial Controls Group, Gurnee, IL, offers the HD20, HD25, HSD23, HSD38, and DWD38 NorthStar harsh-duty optical encoders for washdown and intrinsically safe environments. HD20 and HD25 encoders have 3/8 in. and 10 mm shaft sizes. The hollow-shaft HSD38 encoder accepts 3/8 in. to 1 in. and 10 mm dia. shafts while the hollow-shaft HSD23 accepts 3/8 to 3/4 in. and 10 mm dia. shafts. The Series DWD38 is designed for use in draw works/oil-field applications and is stackable via male and female threads so that multiple units can be attached to the same shaft.

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Company: Danaher Industrial Controls Group
Phone number: 800-873-8731
Fax: 847-662-6633

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