Hardened Collar For Torque Measuring Is Easy To Install

Hardened Collar For Torque Measuring Is Easy To Install
LORD Corp., MicroStrain Sensing Systems

TORQUE-LINK-LXRS, described as a hardened collar for performing torque measurements, promises to be easy to install. The component transmits torque data wirelessly, allows remote node configuration, and uses unobtrusive, lightweight hardware. It eliminates the need for slip rings and reliably handles high-RPM applications. Features include:
• Meets DO-160 standards for temp and vibration
• Single differential analog input channel (two-channel option available)
• Fits 2-6 shafts (custom sizes also available)
• ±32ºsec node-to-node synchronization
• Requires 3.5 minimum axial length
• Continuous sampling up to 512 Hz
• -40"C to 80"C temperature range
• Custom-engineered ABS thermoplastic housing
• Weighs as little as 200 grams
• Low power consumption / replaceable batteries

For more details, go to http://www.microstrain.com/wireless/torque-link?mkt_tok=eyJpIjoi

LORD MicroStrain Sensing Systems
Williston, VT
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Company: LORD Corp., MicroStrain Sensing Systems
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Phone number: 802-862-6629

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