Handheld Vibration Analyzers from Datastick

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Datastick Systems Inc.

Datastick Systems Inc., San Jose, CA, has added version 2.0 of Datastick Spectrum software and four VSA-3300 models to its line of handheld VSA vibration spectrum analyzers, used to detect and diagnose problems in rotating and reciprocating machinery. The analyzers use the IP67-rated Meazura MEZ-1500 handheld computer and both the computer and VSA module are ruggedized. The analyzers provide a dual view that lets you see different transforms and segments of the same signal on the screen at the same time; three new user tools; faster signal reading; an improved file management system; integrated acoustic signal output; longer battery life; and Spectrum 2.0 software.

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Company: Datastick Systems Inc.
Country: United States (USA)
Phone number: 408-987-3400
Fax: 408-987-3402

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