Handheld Shaker Manages Accelerometers And Velocity Sensors

Handheld Shaker Manages Accelerometers And Velocity Sensors
Meggitt Sensing Systems

The ReferenceMate REF2500 portable shaker is described as a vibration reference that quickly and easily checks operation and set-up of accelerometers and velocity sensors in the field. Features include three user-selectable frequencies that work in both peak and RMS mode, simple front-panel operation, and compatible with sensors weighing up to 250g, i.e., standard IEPE, triaxial, velocity, etc. For more details, a datasheet, and a demo, visit:

Info sheet: http://www.wilcoxon.com/pdf/ReferenceMate%20flyer.pdf
Product: http://www.wilcoxon.com/pdf/ReferenceMate%20Product%20Presentation.pdf
Application note: http://www.wilcoxon.com/pdf/REF2500%20technote%20IND.pdf
Datasheet: http://www.wilcoxon.com/pdf/REF2500%20spec%20(99189)A.pdf

Meggitt Sensing Systems
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Company: Meggitt Sensing Systems
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