Handheld Engine Tachometer from Ono Sokki

Handheld Engine Tachometer from Ono Sokki
Ono Sokki Technology Inc.

The HT-6100 from Ono Sokki Technology Inc., Addison, IL, is a handheld engine tachometer that, when used in combination with one of the company's detectors, can measure rpms on virtually any engine type. The device is used for research and/or production measurement of rpm on gasoline and diesel engines and features a large 5-digit LCD with backlight, a measurement range of 120–20,000 rpm, a built-in peak hold function, trigger-level volume adjustment function, an over-range alarm, and the ability to capture up to 20 measurement values each time the memory switch is pressed. The tachometer can be used in the lab, on the production line, or during in-vehicle testing.

Contact Info

Company: Ono Sokki Technology Inc.
Country: United States (USA)
Phone number: 800-922-7174
Fax: 630-627-0004

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