Handheld DSO/DMM from Protek Test & Measurement

Handheld DSO/DMM from Protek Test & Measurement
Protek Test & Measurement

The Model S2505 from Protek Test & Measurement, Englewood, NJ, is a battery-operated, dual-channel 5 MHz bandwidth, 50 Msps DSO and a 10,000-count true RMS DMM. DSO specifications include ±3% vertical accuracy, 512 bytes record length in single-shot/glitch capture and 256 bytes in other modes, 1.0 µs to 5 s sweep rate, and memory for 16 waveforms and setup storage. The DMM adds data logging memory for 17,000 points; 6 frequency measurement ranges from 100 Hz to 10 MHz; min./max./avg., trend plotting, and go/no go testing; 4 DCV ranges from 1000 mV to 1000 VDC; 5 true RMS ACV ranges from 1000 mV to 750 VAC; and 4 ohm ranges from 5 kΩ to 5 MΩ.

Contact Info

Company: Protek Test & Measurement
Phone number: 201-227-1161
Fax: 201-227-1169

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