Hand-Held Pressure Calibrator Sports Unique Swipe Screen Technology

Hand-Held Pressure Calibrator Sports Unique Swipe Screen Technology
GE Measurement and Control

Promoted as rugged and easy to use, the DPI 611 hand-held pressure calibrator embarks as the first dedicated pressure calibrator with swipe screen touch technology. Its intuitive screen interface displays a comprehensive application dashboard, and a task menu allows simple, three-touch set-up for any pressure test or calibration. The instrument automates processes by running pre-defined procedures, calculating errors, and reporting PASS/FAIL errors. The DPI 611 retains the measurement and sourcing capabilities of the DPI 610, includes a 10-Vdc regulated supply, 24V loop power, and is three times more accurate. Its mechanical pressure-generating system creates 95% vacuum or generates a maximum pressure of 20bar/300 psi in 30s. Additionally, the instrument integrates seamlessly with popular calibration and maintenance software, including the company’s 4Sight.

GE Measurement & Control
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