Hall-Effect Transducers Do Triple Duty

Hall-Effect Transducers Do Triple Duty

The company’s hall effect transducers are reportedly compact, robust, and reliable when fit onto a hydraulic cylinder. By adding a float and a suitable mounting head, they become 3-in-1 sensors for liquid level, temperature, and velocity measurements. The components are suitable for fluid tanks of up to 3m in depth containing chemicals, diesel, ad Blue or oils. Whether mobile or stationary, they deliver a resolution down to 0.2 mm. All have a continuous and non-contact operation, output signals are all absolute with choices of voltage or current, with a CAN bus option providing the additional velocity and temperature signals. There are a number of electrical connector or cable options available, plus threaded or flanged mounting options. Custom designs are also available. Additionally, the transducers achieve a vibration resistance of 75g including 1 hour at resonant frequencies and a 60 year MTBF. For more details, visit http://www.rota-eng.com/linear-position-sensors

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