Hall Effect Thumbwheel Cranks Out One Axis Of Precise Linear Output

Hall Effect Thumbwheel Cranks Out One Axis Of Precise Linear Output

The HR Series thumbwheel employs non-contacting Hall-effect technology to provide a one-axis, repeatable linear voltage output. The component features a spring to center mechanism, proportional control, stable output, low noise, and long life and is designed for panel-mount applications as well as joystick integration. It operates with a 5-Vdc supply and is available with one of six output options. Operating temperature ranges from -30ºC to +70ºC, with a return-to-center tolerance of ±200 mV. Electrical connections are via a 140-mm 28 AWG wire harness fit with a seven-pin Molex connector. Additionally, the HR series measures 18.25 mm above panel and features an arching wheel design to provide one axis of forward and backward movement. Using two screws for rear panel mounting, it measures 8.95mm below panel. A datasheet is available at http://www.apem.com/files/apem/brochures/APEM-HR-Thumbwheels.pdf

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