Hall-Effect Switch Family Offers Another Package Options

Hall-Effect Switch Family Offers Another Package Options
Allegro MicroSystems

The company’s A115x (A1152, A1153, A1156, and A1157) family of two-wire, unipolar, Hall-effect switches has added a new package option that eliminates the need for an external capacitor and the associated PCB. All family members are offered in three package styles. The LH is a SOT-23W style, miniature, low profile package for surface-mount applications. The UA is a three-pin, ultra-mini, single inline package (SIP) for through-hole mounting and the UB is a two-pin, ultra-mini, single inline package (SIP) with an integrated capacitor for through-hole mounting or welding directly to connector pins, eliminating the PCB entirely. All three packages are RoHS-compliant, with 100% matte tin leadframe plating. The A1152LUBTN-F-T, A1153LUBTN-F-T, A1156LUBTN-F-T, and A1157LUBTN-T are available in the UB package, priced at $0.62 each/1,000.

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